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May Construction Updates

As we count down the days before Jorge’s Cantina’s opening, there is much excitement within the restaurant. Here are all the updates you might want, starting with construction and showcasing our new furniture.

Jorges Bar Area Construction
Jorges Construction Beams
Jorges Bar Area Construction
Main Seating Area at Jeoge's Cantina

Ceilings, Walls, and Floors

The interior of Jorge’s will blend tones and textures with accent walls and tiles throughout the restaurant. The covered outdoor patio will feature brick and wood with black light fixtures along the walls. Inside the restaurant is a mix of brick and Jorge’s teal-painted walls, offering a dark ambiance.

Indoors, guests will see a mix of brick walls and walls painted with Jorge’s signature teal color. Ceilings fluctuate between white-textured tiles and dark wood slats with black light fixtures. Flooring throughout Jorge’s will change from dark wooden floors to playful tiles with eye-catching patterns. When entering the restaurant, guests are greeted with fun orange and white flooring and a gorgeous chandelier.


At Jorge’s heart, the bar will be a focal point of the restaurant experience. Stretching around the space, it promises ample seating and a vibrant atmosphere. Deep teal tiles with gold accents will line the bar with sleek white tabletops. With an extensive four-page menu, the bar is poised to be a destination in its own right.


Stepping into Jorge’s, guests will find an array of stylish furniture taking shape. The restaurant will feature Navy Blue velvet booths, black bar stools, patio chairs, and mahogany tables. To add to the chic feeling, gold-framed mirrors and faucets will be seen in both bathrooms, set against emerald green tiles, offering an extra sleek feeling.

Excitement is building at Jorge’s Cantina, and we can’t wait to share the vibrant flavors and atmosphere with you soon! Stay connected with Jorge’s Cantina through our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook (@Jorgeswaco). For exclusive updates on promotions and events, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for firsthand information. We’ll see you soon!